Personal Analysis

The Personality Analysis puts intro- and extraversion on the one hand as well as the emotional and rational opposite preferences and gives a first impression about the probable basic behaviour of the analysed person.

Benefit of the personality analysis

The personality analysis PPS (Personality Profiling System) is used by companies and applicants similarly.

  • Companies use the personality analysis during interviews to compare or complete their gained impressions of employee. It typically is all about single applicants. Is the possibility of the advice on the spot passes whole teams tested so. However, the costs attacks depending on service package, be able to be contained also in the package be.
  • Applicants use the personality analysis to get an impression about your preferences. In the context of job interviews and an idea through us a personality analysis is made. The applicant gets the result provided for the free use. An analysis is possibly natural also without a concrete application. Please ask about the prices in this case.

Short duration, high significance

The personality analysis was developed further by Claude Pfau in different facets around different aims of reaching. Our variant has been optimized so that with 40 questions you cover all relevant areas. At a speedy reply you need about 12 minutes for it.

Other variants have up to 160 questions and require a substantially higher time expenditure at only low increase in the statement quality of the profile. The personality analysis is free for our candidates.

Basis of the personality analysis

This personality analysis is essentially young based on the type teachings of C.G. Jung. Introversion and extroversion as well as emotional and rational preferences are compared and provide a first impression about the probable basic behaviour. Intelligence and professional qualification do not have influence.

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