Mediation is a new methodology pertaining to conflict resolution based on scientific research results with a wide range of applications in today's business world.

As a rule people are not taught to handle their conflicts and tend to focus their energy on a single issue of often minor importance that has the conflict fired up (burning glass effect) instead of searching for a win/win resolution. Mediation allows all participants to search for alternative ways expressing their feelings and concerns in a safe setting. Turn destructive energies into positive inputs and find the common basis of interest. How we handle a dispute and let it influence our future is largely dependant on individual attitudes.

Conflict Resolution

Non-mediated disputes often will see all parties involved end up as loosers. Make yourself a winner by building a better understanding of the feelings and issues of the other parties involved and find mutually agreeable conflict resolution that is more often than not the basis for further fruitful cooperation.

  • Win-Win-Situation
  • New Perspectives
  • Team Building

Identify Energy Potentials

A mediated dispute will open up hitherto unaccessible energy potentials who will no longer be used for blockading but instead will be a positive force in the team building process.

  • Resolve Conflicts
  • Set free positive energy potentials

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