Career Counselling

Planning your Career no matter how old you are, what your expertise level is and the current situation you are confronted with, is an all important special service module helping you to move forward. Make the right decisions with your Career Growth Path taking advantage of profound expertise our consultants represent.

We get to know you talking to you in person, take review of our general impressions and insights gained from it and will suggest promising avenues for a possibly even more successful professional future.

Personal Inventory / Personal Profile

  • Personal Profile
  • Professional History
  • Current Situation
  • Professional Skills & Expertise
  • Market, Segment & Company Knowhow
  • Special Interests
  • Technical & Management Competences

Chances as go

  • Markets, Industry Segments
  • Employed, Self-employed
  • Options & Alternatives

Career Growth Path

  • Personal Potential and Solution Paths
  • Tasks to do
  • Realization Strategies

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