Interim Management

If your company needs professional management support that you do not have internally and is only temporarily required, Interim Management may be the solution. Interim Managers work just like your company's own employees but "retire" as soon as the problem has been solved.

Quality of Service

  • Higly qualified professionals
  • Competences that will put you ahead of your competitiors
  • Covering all sectors of the IT industry
  • At any level & scope of responsibility (specialists & managers)
  • Any company fuction (e.g. Sales, Finance & Controling, Country Mgr, CEO)

Quality of Individuals

  • Swift Thinkers
  • Analytical Capacities based on Experience
  • Speedy Decision Makers
  • Excellent Communicators
  • "Doers and Mover"

Your advantage

  • Staff a crucial function without prolonged search
  • Get Speedy ROI
  • Get the competencies you need
  • No tedious work contract negociations
  • Clearly defined conditions to terminate engagement
  • No severance pay or bonus settlement in court
  • Option to hire interim manager permanently

We closely cooperate with a multitude of experienced professionals in this field. We are certain to be able to cover your needs and target decisions.

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