Application Documents

Resume and CV documents are decisive first impressions that you'll leave. It's been some time since you last applied for a job? Don't worry! Make a difference with your document presentation! Do you know the latest trends? Don't hesitate and try our specialists to create professional looking job application documents!

Getting the best prerequisites

Decisions can be made as early as the application stage, because your application documents are your calling card and the first impression you make. How long has it been since you applied? Do you know the latest trends? Differentiate yourself from the many others and take the first hurdle.

Created by experts

Have professional application documents created by specialists and give yourself the best chance for your application. Our experts have known the IT industry for decades and will compile your documents specifically for this market.

How does it work?

You get in touch with us via e-mail and make an appointment with your personal consultant. He/She will carefully look over your present documents – which you should send in prior to any oral interview – and talk all issues over with you. Normally we would divide up this advisory session – which can last up to three hours – into two blocks. One dealing with your personal and professional development history so far academia, skills & expertise, personal strengths & focus etc. From this we move on to creating absolutely professional job application documents within 5 working days after the interview has taken place.

What are the costs?

Our fees are very moderate for this service. Send us an e-mail, we'll respond with detailed information without delay.

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