Jobs Abroad

Looking for a Job Abroad? Take advantage of our transnational advisory network and get to know our partners in foreign countries.

Seeking jobs abroad (US & Europe)

You might consider accepting a position in a foreign country? You majored in computer scienece oe applied economics and have been on the job for a couple of years? We will get the right career agent for you from our network of international career counsellors.

Countries & Partners

concilium and their partners offer profound knowledge and expertise of local market conditions in countries like: Germany, France. Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Scandinavian Countries, Spain Austria, United Kingdom, USA. More detailled information you can see on our location map.

Next steps

Send us an e-mail. We'll be glad to advise you and get you in touch with our local expert.

Do I have to pay beforehand to get in touch with a foreign advisor?

No. This service is part of our Concilium portfolio that comes without any cost for the client.

Interested in jobs in other countries?

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