Concilium offers a comprehensive suite of services focussing on HR Recruiting & HR Management that are geared toward the needs of dynamic and growth committed companies in the IT business. Typically these are companies with a high potential to build up market share and market awareness in their segment or establishing themselves with services/products in a new market segment. Key success factors here are agility and flexibility, but above all you'll need the right people to go along!

We effectively manage your recruiting efforts, in order to get competent and committed professionals on board in a very speedy manner.
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You advertised job openings in various publications but would like to get some assistance for the resume & candidate evaluation process by someone knowledgeable of the local market and work force? Or you simply don't have the time? Don't worry: we'll take care of this for you.
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Your job openings will appear in our Recruiting Portal as well as over 40 dedicated web portals in Central Europe making the hit rate of your recruiting ever so large.
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Take advantage of the managerial skills and market knowhow we can provide you with on an interim basis. Our pool of Interim Managers with a proven track recordmay just be what you needed to get a jumpstart into the German marketplace.
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Your organisation has grown but you want to avoid at this point in time the pains and cost of setting up full-fledged HR Management? Why not have Concilium Interim HR get the job done.
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Within the framework of our services offering we are also in a position to effectively support you in all matters of Organisation and Staff Development.
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Mediation has come to be widely accepted as an effective means of conflict resolution that will both strengthen the individual and the team for the better of your company.
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So you've been looking for a top-notch professional to fill a vacant position for some time now? Check out our Professional Staff Profiles. Maybe you'll search no more.
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Markets move and change almost permanently and companies have to follow suit. Reorganizing may however induce changes in the ranks of your personel be it staff or line management. Inevitably this may mean for some of your employees to look for other challenges & opportunities outside your company. Let us handle this, too, and avoid dire labour conflicts before German courts! Get it right for all parties involved by providing Concilium Outplacement Counselling.
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The daily chores of HR Management can be a tedious routine. It may involve looking for accomodation, handling team integration issues, coming to grips with German labour laws and a host of other tasks. We can give you much more than just a helping hand through our HR Operative Services.
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