Employer Evaluation

Help other applicants and in the final analysis yourself as well, to evaluate a company from the employees' point of view. Help your employer to recognise what is important for the employees.

How does this work?

You follow the others link and select your present or former employer. You can lay him out also with little effort yourself. Then follow the supply of questions which are built up so that representative topics come to the language and a good overview and a good and fair comparison is reached at the end.


You can see your results and the already available assessments of enterprises any time.

Anonymity / costs

Your anonymity remains caught sight. Only the results can be seen for the interested one, where from or of whom these do not come, however.
Are the assessment and looking up the results for you free of charge.


We offer these services in cooperation with our partner Kununu who has developed the assessment portal and leads. Please address further inquiries to him.

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