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Our services cover all the aspects you may have to consider when you decide to step up your professional career. Personal Career Profiling, Job Opportunity Identification, Legal Support. When formulating work contracts – only to name a few. Concilium is just the right agency for those who believe in active career planning based on the right mixture of expertise and stamina. We're all there for you – because we care!

You feel the time is right to move on with your career? Looking for the right opportunity? We'll be glad to go the extra mile it takes to ensure success for you.
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Job seekers may post their ads on our homepage in a matter of minutes, just follow this link. Your ad will be published together with your anonymous applicant profile on our concilium portal as well on as many as 50 of the most frequently visited job portals in Europe. That way you will gain maximum visibility ensuring that potentially interested employers will actually become aware of you. According to your defaults we will arrange to take affirmative action.
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You're looking for the right job in a foreign country (Europe, Asia, US)? Take advantage of our special service Jobs Abroad.
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No time to brush up your resume or need to have an expert look it over from scratch? Let us take care of the way you present yourself to the employer to be. We'll just give your application folder that extra professional touch that will make you stand out from the rest.
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Perfect documents are the base of a successful application, but are they up to date? Let us examine your documents within our resume check.
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You have reason to believe that you will be affected by management decisions to restructure business? Maybe laid off? At this point you might even consider bringing us into play and ask your employer for Outplacement Counselling.
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You're looking for a new challenge in your career? concilium Career Counselling will get you in a better position to achieve your goals.
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