CV Translation

You need a translation of your CV into German for an application with a German, Austrian, Swiss or an other international company? Perhaps the company does business internationally and would like a copy of application in both German and English for its records?

In any case it is important for you to make a professional impression. You demonstrate right from the start that you are a professional and can adapt to local considerations. Not only should the way you express yourself should be authentic and up to date. The language specific to your line of business and its functional relationships should always be correct and presented professionally as well. This is why it is important to us that such translations aredone by a native speaker, one who is familiar with the language of your line of business.

For which branches do we provide these services?

Since we have to be familiar with the technical language, we offer translations for two areas:

  • For all IT professions
  • For all management positions

How does this work?

You send us your current CV in English by e-mail. We check the documents and provide you with a CV in German in a popular format such as PDF or DOC/DOCX.

What do you get?

Plan 5 days a completely reworked, new CV. If necessary and with previous approval, translations can be provided sooner. The documents will be sent to you upon payment of the invoice. You can request this service under the heading Application Documents.

What you don't get

EA completely new revised CV. You can request this service in our application documents.

What does a translation cost?

The base of our computation is the amount of pages with DIN A4 paper size, the costs keep within limits. Send us an e-mail or get in contact with our expert below.

Have your CV professionally translated

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