Job Market

You seek a large audience for your job offer with no stress for your budget caused by sky-rocketing print-media price tags? Why not use our company personnel portal to find the right candidates to fill in your vacant positions?

We put your ad in our job portals

Your job offering ad will appear in our own concilium Job & New Hire Portal among Job Offerings. You may advertise anonymously or in full name.

We will take care that your ad appears at least in ten other independant job portals where they will be propagated using crawler/spider technology to achieve a maximum of distribution.

You will notice that your ad will additionally appear in a number of other job portals. This is due to the fact that these job portals in turn employ similar techniques to address a wider audience. Because of this your ad will have maximum market reach.

As regards replies to your ad we can offer you two modes of proceeding with applications

  • We shall forward any application to you
  • We pre-select all resumes against job requirements and will add those who comply to Candidates Review

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail or call us.